Colorado Public Radio

By Jeff Zumfelde

Posted: March 1, 2017

REVIEW: Johann Rosenmüller in Exile

The period music ensemble ACRONYM acts more like a contemporary music group. They call themselves a band, and that feels like a true description and not an affectation. While dedicated to period practice, their playing is not fussy, mannered or artificial. Moreover, the group has focused on recording works by lesser known composers of the early baroque, bringing to light delightfully obscure music. Consider the case of Johann Rosenmuller, who would have been Cantor of Thomaskirche in Leipzig (JS Bach’s future job) in the 1650s but for a scandal that landed him in prison.  He escaped, fled to Italy, played trombone at St. Mark’s in Venice, and eventually became composer for the Ospedale della Pieta where Vivaldi was later employed. His music is no less intriguing than his life. It’s loaded with harmonic surprises and memorable melodies. I enthusiastically recommend all of ACRONYM’s previous releases.

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